New Rules For Rounds To Come

So, this was done on a Grimm community that I'm part of and went over so well and it ran so smoothly that I thought we should gave it a try here and see it goes. The rules are pretty simple and there's no actual signing up for it, with the e-mails and all of that.

April 1-May 15: The Prompt Request Post will be open
May 16-July 1: The Prompt Filling Post will be open
July 2: All gifts will be un-screened and ready for the taking

1. The Prompts Requesting Post

  • On this post members who would like to take part in the exchange will leave up to four different prompts and some information about the stuff that you like to read and see, (because this round we're doing art as well) in a comment.

  • All of these comments will be screened until the Prompts Filling Post goes up.

2. The Prompts Filling Post

  • Once this post go up, the Prompts Requesting Post comments will be un-screened so that anyone who wish to full fill a request will be able to see them.

  • Once you have wrote a fic or made a pic, or whatever it is they're requesting, you will then post it as a comment to the Prompts Filling Post.

  • Stories and Fics should be posted to in the comment.

  • Artwork, such as icons, banners, pics, etc. will need to be up loaded somewhere and then posted in a comment.

There will be a little bit more information on each of the posts but if you have any questions, please post them here as a comment and I'll get back as soon as I can or you may e-mail me at dearsabrielATgmailDOTcom.

Updates.....and Round Two

Okay, so my friends have let me down. After saying that they would write the fics for me, one of them have disappeared off of LJ and the other two have deleted their journals all together...and they didn't tell me. >:( So I will be writing the last stories and posting them in the next few days. I'm also going to be posting a time line for the next round but this one is going to be different to your everyday fic exchange. So, please read the NEW RULES before signing up but hopefully this round will run a lot smoother with the new lay out.
SPN_Last Stand

Sorry for the lateness...

I wanted to say sorry for the lateness of the other gifts. About two weeks ago, my laptop was stolen from the back of my sister's car, with all of the stories saved on it. I'm trying to rewrite my assigned story and when I went to re-download the other stories, gmail decided to delete everything. I'm trying to get a hold of the other three people who's stories I haven't posted but since two of them live pretty close to the east coast, I'm not sure how long it'll be until I hear from them.

I'm so sorry about this and hopefully the next round won't be since a mess.


'The Joys and Woe of Public Transportation' for mithrel

Title: The Joys and Woes of Public Transportation

Rating: PG-13

Gift For: mithrel

Beta By: jonjokeat

Prompt Used: Human!AU. Sam takes the bus to work/school/wherever every day. There’s a guy (Gabriel) who goes part of the route with him. At first he’s annoying, but they gradually start talking and Sam starts looking forward to seeing him. After he suddenly doesn’t see him for a few days, Sam tracks him down.

Character/Parings: Sam/Gabriel

Warnings: AU, Fluff

Spoilers: None

Author′s Notes: None

Disclaimer: Supernatural is not mine, nor are any of the characters. No profit was made and no copyright infringement intended.

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'Lahabiel’s Bedtime Story' for rubystandish

Title:Lahabiel’s Bedtime Story
Rating:Kid Friendly
Gift For:RubyStandish
Beta By:Queen of the Universe (that’s her username in online things. She’s a friend IRL.
Prompt Used:1) Just like with Castiel, God decides to give Gabriel another shot and brings him back, but there's something that Gabriel has to do first. He must journey into the deepest parts of Hell and save Sam Winchester from the cage; without letting Micheal and Lucifer free in the process. 
Warnings:Yelling? Mentions of Winchester sacrifice of life, torture, memories of dying, nothing particularly graphic
Spoilers:Up to the end of Season 5
Author′s Notes: This story kind of used the prompt above and ran away with it. I hope it’s close enough to bring joy, however!
Disclaimer:We all know what would be canon if I owned supernatural.

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'Much Ado About Stab Wounds' for viviantanner

Title: Much Ado About Stab Wounds
Beta: The amazing Kodamasama!
Gift For: Viviantanner!
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel.
Genre: Angst, romance.
Rating: PG-13.
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit from this fanfiction.
Warnings: Spoilers for Season 5?
Prompt: Sammy would do anything to protect his family, but what happens when a hunt brings a wedge between the tight neat group of Team Free Will and Sammy has to choose who needs his help the most. Does he help his brother, or his mate?

Summary: Set in Season 5 AUish. The building is burning down and Sam can’t save neither his unconscious brother, nor his wounded angel.


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'7 Steps to Successful Novel Writing' for kimisgirl

Title: 7 steps to successful novel writing
Rating: PG
Gift For: kimisgirl
Prompt Used: 2) Gabriel is a candy maker, Sam really loves his candy, AU
3) Sam is a shy and reclusive author, Gabriel is his eccentric and nosey neighbour. Love follows
Character/Parings: Sabriel. Background Destiel
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine etc etc.

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Let The Posting Begin!


Sorry for the late beginning but just a few things before the first post.
  • Please feel free to give feedback but authors, you're welcome to comment back but only as an anonymous commenter.
  • Authors will be named after the posting of the last story.
  • There will be one story posted every Monday until the last one.


Almost Posting Time

Hello everyone,

So it′s almost time September 30 is quickly coming up. You will have until midnight your time on that day to send in your story, (this will be check by the time stamp on your e-mail).

The mods will be posting the stories one at a time (most likely one or two a week), so please make sure that your fic is posting ready; this means with codes, heading (please use the following heading), and anything that you might think of. If your story is a two or more parts, attach each part as a file to the e-mail, making sure to mark which part is which.

Please send you story to dearsabriel AT gmail DOT com and in the body of the letter please just put your LJ user name and the name of the person for which your fic is for.

Thank you,
The Mods